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Accepted Papers HPCC 2010

Paper ID Paper Title Authors
123 Combining Distributed-Memory with Nested Shared-Memory Parallelization for Re-Initializing Level Set Functions H. Martin Backer, Oliver Fortmeier
124 Extraction of Parallel Application Signatures for Performance Prediction Emilio Luque, Dolores Rexachs, Alvaro Wong
125 Enabling GPU and Many-Core Systems in Heterogeneous HPC Environments using Memory Considerations Julita Corbalan, Manish Parashar, Ivan Rodero, Francesc Guim
128 Towards Online Application Cache Behaviors Identification in CMPs Tianlei Zhao, Shubo Qi, Minxuan Zhang, Xiaomin Jia
145 Multiple Biological Sequence Alignment with a Parallel Island Injection Genetic Algorithm Alba Melo, Marcos Caetano, Lidia Miranda, Jan Correa, Jacir Bordim
151 A Novel Memory Subsystem Evaluation Framework for Chip Multiprocessors Lin Qiao, Mingliang Liu, Zhizhong Tang, Fucen Zeng
157 ASAAS: Application Software as a Service for High Performance Cloud Computing Yunlan Wang, Jianhua Gu, Xingshe Zhou, Zhengxiong Hou, Tianhai Zhao
159 Flexible clusters for High-Performance Computing Gianluigi Zanetti, Omar Schiaratura, Massimo Gaggero, Giovanni Busonera, Paolo Anedda
170 The User-level Remote Swap Library Brian Vinter, Martin Rehr
174 Sparse Matrix Formats Evaluation and Optimization on a GPU Serge Petiton, Maxime Hugues
176 A Feasible Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Directional Antenna baoli zhang, fengqi yu
178 X-Network: An Area-Efficient and High-Performance On-Chip Wormhole-Switching Network Leeladhar Bandi, Xiaofang Wang
189 A Distributed Slot Assignment Algorithm with Minimum Jitter and Delay Guarantee for Real-Time Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks Feng Qi Yu, Li Qiang Tao
190 On Problem for Aggregate Node Selection for Unstructured Overlay Networks Imran Rao
192 Tree-based Adaptive Broadcasting of Bandwidth Allocation for Vehicle ad hoc Networks Sheng-Tzong Cheng, Chi-Hsuan Wang, Gwo-Jiun Horng
193 Efficient Utilization of WLAN Networks in the Next-Generation Heterogeneous Environments Iqbal Gondal, Ammar Haider, Joarder Kamruzzaman, Bin Qiu
195 Aggregation of Real-Time System Monitoring Data for Analyzing Large-Scale Parallel and Distributed Computing Environments Christian Engelmann, Stephen L. Scott, Swen Boehm
201 Sim-spm: A SimpleScalar –based Simulator for multi-level SPM Memory Hierarchy Sen Ye, Tao Tang, Yuhua Tang, Xiaoguang Ren, Jing Zhou
206 A generic algorithm template for divide-and-conquer in multicore systems Basilio B. Fraguela, Carlos H. Gonzalez
207 MN-Mate: Resource Management of Manycores with DRAM and Nonvolatile Youngwoo Park, Woomin Hwang, Ki-Woong Park, Kyu Ho Park
213 K-Model: A New Computational Model for Stream Processors gabriele capannini, fabrizio silvestri, ranieri baraglia
215 BF-SD-ZRP : A smart integrated scheme for service and route discovery in Mobile ad hoc network Fatma Outay, Florent Kaisser, Veronique Veque, Ridha Bouallegue
217 Developing a Parameterized Performance Proxy for Sequential Scientific Kernels Erich Strohmaier, Hongzhang Shan
220 Call Admission Control Scheme for the IEEE 802.16e at Vehicular Speeds Daryoush Habibi, Iftekhar Ahmad
221 Markov Modelling of the IEEE 802.11 DCF for Real-Time Applications with Periodic Traffic Yu-Chu Tian, Guosong Tian
222 A Flexible and Cost-effective File-wise Reliability Scheme for Storage Systems Yarsun Hsu, Tzer-Ta Tseng
226 An Effective Scheduling Method for More Reliable Execution on Desktop Grids Juho Hyun
229 A software self-organizing middleware for smart spaces based on fuzzy logic Sylvain Giroux, Bessam Abdulrazak, Charles Gouin-Vallerand, Mounir Mokhtari
231 Lattice Methods for Option Pricing on the GPU Parimala Thulasiraman, Ruppa K. Thulasiram, Steven Solomon
232 Exploiting Parallelism in Iterative Irregular Maxflow Computations on GPU Accelerators Steven Solomon, Parimala Thulasiraman, Ruppa Thulasiram
233 Evaluation of the Task Programming Model in the Parallelization of Wavefront Problems Francisco Corbera, Angeles Navarro, Rafael Asenjo, Antonio J. Dios, Emilio L. Zapata
236 An scheduling heuristic to handle local and remote memory in cluster computers José Duato, Salvador Petit, Houcine Hassan, Mónica Serrano, Julio Sahuquillo
237 Coexistence Mechanism for Industrial Automation Network Joarder Kamruzzaman, Iqbal Gondal, Muhammad Yaqub
240 Effortless and Efficient Distributed Data-partitioning in Linear Algebra Carlos de Blas, Arturo González-Escribano, Diego R. Llanos
241 Improving Energy Efficiency and Security for Disk Systems Ziliang Zong, Ashwin Tamilarasan, Mais Nijim, Xiaojun Ruan, Mohammed Alghamdi, Shu Yin, Xiao Qin, Yiming Yang
245 Constructing a CDS-Based Network Backbone for Energy Efficiency in Industrial Wireless Sensor Network Mubashsharul Shafique, Laurence Yang, Sajid Hussain
247 Monitoring Underwater Pipelines Using Sensor Networks Jameela Al-Jaroodi, Imad Jawhar, Nader Mohamed, Liren Zhang
249 Adding an Expressway to Accelerate the Neighborhood Communication Ninghui Sun, Xuejun An, Zheng Cao, Fei Chen, Kai Wang
251 Distinguishing the Cause of TCP Retransmission Timeouts in Multi-hop Wireless Networks Sang-Hwa Chung, Mi-Young Park
253 A CellBE-based HPC application for the analysis of vulnerabilities in cryptographic hash functions Vicenç Beltran, Antonino Mazzeo, Antonio Veniero, Luigi Esposito, Alessandro Cilardo, Eduard Ayguadé
254 Iterative SLE Solvers over a CPU-GPU Platform Daniel Weber, Christian Daniel, Alecio Binotto, Arjan Kuijper
255 Managing Peak Loads by Leasing Cloud Infrastructure Services from a Spot Market Michael Mattess, Christian Vecchiola, Rajkumar Buyya
261 Fault-Tolerant Scheduling with Dynamic Number of Replicas in Heterogeneous Systems Laiping Zhao,Yizhi Ren,Yang Xiang, Kouichi Sakurai
265 Firewall Traversal in the Grid Architecture David Abramson, Jefferson Tan, Colin Enticott
267 Resource Load based Stochastic DAGs Scheduling Mechanism for Grid Environment Jiahui Jin, Aibo Song, Junzhou Luo, Fang Dong
268 Performance Analysis of Scientific and Engineering Applications Using MPInside and TAU Subhash Saini, Piyush Mehrotra, Kenichi Taylor, Sameer Shende, Rupak Biswas
269 Client Based Data Isolation of Blue Whale File System in Non-linear Edit Field Lu Xu, Jingliang Zhang, Liu Shi
270 An Adaptive Remote Paging System on Computational Grids Min-Jyun Chen, Po-Chen Lo, Tyng-Yeu Liang
272 Research on Rapid Reconfiguration Platform of Dynamic Forest Growth Simulation System Based on Service Component Ying TANG, Ying SHEN, Li-rong XIONG, Tian-yang Dong, Jing Fan
273 Insertion Tree Phasers: Efficient and Scalable Barrier Synchronization for Fine-grained Parallelism Theo D'Hondt, Bruno De Fraine, Stijn Verhaegen, Stefan Marr, Wolfgang De Meuter
275 Analyzing and Modeling the Performance of Using Virtualization in HPC Environment Xiaohong Jiang, Siding Chen, Dawei Huang, Bei Wang, Kejiang Ye
282 Providing QoS Guarantees in Large-Scale Operator Networks Stamatia Rizou, Frank Duerr, Kurt Rothermel
284 Virtual Application Appliances in Practice: Basic Mechanisms and Overheads Paul Lu, Erkan Unal
287 The design and implementation of standards-based Grid single sign-on using federated identity Weizhong Qiang
289 MPIActor: An Multicore-Architecture Adaptive and Thread-based MPI Program Accelerator Junqiang Song, Kaijun Ren, Zhiqiang Liu
298 Enahncing Muesli's Data Parallel Skeletons for Multi-Core Computer Architectures Philipp Ciechanowicz, Herbert Kuchen
302 QuickTM: A Hardware Solution to a High Performance Unbounded Transactional Memory Sutirtha Sanyal


The 12th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications
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